Friday, February 1, 2019

The voting table

Hi all,

Last monday you could watch the European Chain Reaction Newsflash.

We hope all pupils are proud of their achievements!

If you want to know who gave you all these votes, just take a look at the voting table and find out!

Friday, January 11, 2019

18 - Latvia - Technical Chain Reaction

Hello from Latvia!

Here is our chain reaction!

17 - Hungary - Technical Chain Reaction

Well, some of our students in Class 6a were bored this week at school, so they decided to build a chain reaction. That was more fun than doing homework :)
Here is what they have created:

16 - Slovenia - Technical Chain Reaction

Here is our Chain reaction for this year. We enjoy very much to make this video we hope you will enjoy watching it.

Greeting from engineers of Slovenia.

15 - Germany - Technical Chain Reaction


Hello Inventors all over Europe, here comes the German Chain Reaction 2019. We worked the whole week to present you the kid-feeding machine. We had lots of fun by building it, and now we are very excited to have a look at your videos.
Kind regards and good luck for the votings from Kindergarten Rasselbande- Germany.

14 - Moldova - Technical Chain Reaction

MOLDOVA - Technical Chain Reaction - 2019

High School ”Meșterul Manole. Sălcuța. Căușeni”

13 - England - Technical Chain Reaction

Number 13 - unlucky for some!

Here is England's Technical Challenge!

We had so many hands on deck and pooled many recycled resources from all around in order to make it. It was a fight against the clock to get some quality chain reaction spanning the entire school corridor and Y5/6 classrooms! It was great fun so thanks to all those who took part and helped create such a special day.

Good luck to everyone! 😉 👍👦👧

12 - Norway - Technical Chain Reaction

Hi to all of you!
The story of the books that wanted to run away continues…..
Will they succeed this time?

11 - Finland - Technical Chain Reaction

Here is the video from Finland!

We came back from the Christmas break this week Monday and were in a hurry to build and film this video in just a couple of days. But we managed! 

We hope you will enjoy this! We've already watched some of your videos. Good work!

10 - Lithuania - Technical Chain Reaction

Thursday, January 10, 2019

9 - Serbia - Technical Chain Reaction

Best regards from Serbia

8 - Scotland - Technical Chain Reaction

Here comes the technical chain reaction from Scotland.
Our youngsters who are only 8 years old found it very challenging this year to create something that would work well. They had a lot of good ideas, but struggled to get things to proceed as they wanted them to!
Once again, this is their work, with no adult help.
We'd like to wish all teams taking part in ECR 2019 the very best of luck!


7 - Bosnia and Herzegovina - Technical Chain Reaction

I hope you enjoyed our video

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

6 - Poland - Technical Chain Reaction

We are happy to present our technical chain reaction.  Have a nice watching!

5 - Sweden - Technical Chain Reaction

Here is our technical Chain Reaction. Hope you enjoy it! 

We had a very nice time building it. Kallingeskolan, Sweden

4 - Austria - Technical Chain Reaction

Dear kids and teachers!

We had an amazing time doing this technical chain reaction. The whole school is involved and did their best. Every class has chosen a country in Europe and now we have an "European Chain Reaction" in Austria! ;) 

Have fun watching it and we hope you will like it! 


All the best from Austria! :)

3 - Belgium - Technical Chain Reaction

Hi to all you scientists and fans,

Qworzó - Belgium proudly presents its technical chain reaction 2019!

Some weeks ago 60 brilliant engineers mastered to create this Rube Goldberg Machine.

We hope you may enjoy watching our chain as much as we did while building it!

We look forward to watching all your chains appear to the blog! We want to wish you the best of luck with the voting in a couple of weeks and we look forward to reading your comments!

Please share our video wherever you want!

Kind regards,

The children in year 6 at Qworzó, Merksplas, Belgium

2 - Spain (Catalonia) - Technical Chain Reaction